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Do you need company Advertisement Against these Difficult Market situation?
You are kindly requested to join this specialized, Internationalized & Information Age Exhibition "The 12th International metal, Foundry, Forging and Heat treatment Industry Equipment Exhibition 2024" For your Market promotion & Advertisement.
The monthly magazine "Foundry, Forging and Heat treatment" has been acted a powerful role for the seeking leader as professionalized, Information age, and 3-D industrialized Metal Industry nowadays.
Under the good experiences, we "Metal Network Korea Company" are going to open the exhibition named "The 12th International metal, Foundry, Forging and Heat treatment Industry Equipment Exhibition 2024"

Which is required to be prepared with Internationalized Metal Industry this coming on Mar. 27 - 29, 2024(3 Days) Busan BEXCO Korea.
We cordially invite all the Relative Exhibitors with keen Interests.
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(주)피에스텍: 고주파 유도가열 응용장치 등 36㎡ (기본 4부스) 출품
썸텍이엔씨: 고효율 산업용 가스.오일 버너 등 출품 9㎡(기본 1부스) 출품
(주)가스디엔에이: 적외선온도계, 가스감지기 등 9㎡ (기본 1부스) 출품
동우HST㈜: 열처리로, 공업로, 표면처리기술 등 18㎡ (기본 2부스) 출품
선진전기공업(주): 고주파 유도가열 응용장치(열처리.용해.가열.브레징) 18㎡출품
(주)이앙카본: 진공로용 그라파이드 단열재, 다이스 등 출품 9㎡출품
(주)산울: 방열포 소화담요 공업로커텐 등 36㎡ (기본 4부스) 출품
(주)신한과학: 휴대용 금속성분 분석기 등 18㎡ (기본 2부스) 출품
에이티프로런티어(주): XRF, 열화상카메라, 분석기 등 18㎡ (기본 2부스) 출품
(주)와이에스썸텍: 열처리로, 소성로, 공업로 등 18㎡ (기본 2부스) 출품
(주)유로사이언스: 휴대용 금속 성분분석기 등 18㎡ (기본 2부스) 출품
정우인터내셔날: 주물설비, 믹서, 유도가열 용해로 등 36㎡ (기본 4부스) 출품
(주)테노바엔비타: 열처리로, 제철제강 플랜트 등 18㎡ (기본 2부스) 출품
홍성엔터프라이즈: SIC 에레마 발열체, SIC Plate, 열선 등18㎡ (기본 2부스) 출품
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The participation application enterprise and participation wants the enterprise which knock-down receiving Micro-Word 2000 to draw up a below-mentioned data, the Feb 28, 2024 until the E-mail: or the Fax (+82-41-675-0280) with it sends to The 12th Metal+Metallurgy & Thermo Process Korea 2024 Secretariat Bureau and staring route it wishes.
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