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  • Introducing exhibits for overseas exhibitors & advertising exhibition, recruiting visitors, etc.
  • As of this "The 11th Metal+Metallurgy & Thermo Process Korea 2021" Exhibition, We recommend all the advanced overseas companies to participate in this show which will have a good chance to learn their high-technology, with local know-how in order to increase company competition, And also, we are scheduled to provincial presentation to south-east Asia, China etc for the above reason from the coming march 2021 year
  • Continual through local & overseas mass-media advertisement & special magazine
  • Through the local economic newspapers, magazines.
    We will recruit the exhibitors which shall be introduced companies, products to be extended sales market & share assordingly.
    Metal Korea Machinery Tech Tools Monthly Control Monthly China Machinery
    Paldo Machinery Welding Korea Part's Machinery New Product Hi-Tech Monthly
  • Distributing directory, invitation card & inviting related persons.
  • Sending invitation ticket & directing for this related persons & potential companies in order to extend exhibition.
    Accordingly, increasing exhibition result by these good management.
  • Pre-registration system & arranging shuttle-bus
  • The 11th Metal+Metallurgy & Thermo Process Korea 2021 will arrange the per-registration card to send all the exhibition & visitors in order to speed up the attending the exhibition at the venue.
    And also, in order to supply convience for the local buyers & visitors with shuttle bus to busan, changwon, ulsan, inchon, etc as the major industrial complex.
    Advanced company will have to invest agressively for the coming good future with this show and wil be satisfied the good sales result.
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